Best SCR Pro Alternatives To Record Android Screen

SCR Pro Alternatives is an app that allows you to record precisely what appears on your Android device’s screen. You can select from many resolution choices, various encoder types, and undoubtedly, different sound sources. If you only want to record the sound, you may need root privileges. If you don’t have it directed, you’ll be just able to tape the sound of the microphone. SCR Pro 2 is very easy to use. If you Drive the button once, you may start recording, and then you simply need to power down the display to stop recording.

The record will be saved in a folder that one may select using the setup options.SCR Pro Alternatives is an excellent recording application that uses hardly any resources while offering very good results. Thanks to it you can record gameplay videos and take screenshots of any software. In this article, we are going to list down some best SCR Pro Alternatives apps for Android smartphones.

One of the biggest problems when trying to capture movies on your Android device. This occurs a lot more so when having an app created specifically for rendering video and the app, as well as the game screen recorder, are running simultaneously. Luckily, you will find tips for increasing the grade of both of them among which apps that run from an Android emulator for PCs and taking with a desktop tool designed with this in mind like Open Broadcaster Application.

Best SCR Pro Alternatives To Record Android Screen

SCR Pro is the only screen recording tool that operates on Android with inline audio recording. There are many other recording apps are there but SCR Pro apk is one of the best recording app available for Android smartphones and tablets.


  • Works only on rooted/jailbreak/unlocked devices
  • Record great quality screen-casts
  • SCR Screen Recorder uses hardware accelerated video encoding
  • SCR Screen Recorder collects anonymous usage statistics

1. Games Screen Recorder No-Root

If your device is not rooted then you can use Games Screen Recorder No-Root. With Games Screen Recorder, you can easily capture your phone or tablet screen to a MPEG4 Full-HD video + audio file at a high frame rate. Many users utilize this app to record Games like Minecraft, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, and FIFA 2015 with Very High Frame Rate.

Games Screen Recorder No-Root

You can easily record Skype Video Calls and Promotional videos for their apps in Google Play. If you have installed Games Screen Recorder No-Root, you can also record Incoming/Outgoing Phone calls.

In the Settings Menu there are advanced settings to customize Frame Rate, Video Bitrate, Starting Countdown and more.

2. Infinity Play Screen Recorder

Record and share any game. You can record any Game you play on Android and directly share it online. With Infinity Play you can record any application or game installed on your phone or tablet to a Full-HD video WITH SOUND.

Infinity Play Screen Recorder has one of the important feature called VR Mode allow you to record any VR game on your device right from the app. You can also Make your own game channel with direct upload to YouTube. Cool VR games suggestions to complete your VR experience.

3. Screen Recorder No-Root

Screen Recorder is the best app to record the screen of your phone and best SCR Pro Alternatives. One of the best advantage is, it does NOT require root access on Android 5.0+, no watermark and very easy to use. It is very easy to start and stop recording. You can record HD videos and share with your friends.

With this app, you can record games, calls, Skype, and Snapchat. Also you can set a countdown and setup frame rate and video bit rate. This video capture software is used by many professional gamers all over the world! Record gameplay in Portrait or Landscape more with HD resolution.

4. REC Screen Recorder Pro

Download REC Screen Recorder PRO to record your Android device’s screen free. REC Screen Recorder PRO provides ultimate user experience and technological superiority in screen saving comparing to your competitors. If you do not know about how to record the screen through screen recorder then you can check out our post which will let you every details about recording the scree.This screen recording app is easy to use and create HD quality videos as you are able to use just for about anything.

REC Screen Recorder Pro

REC Screen Recorder Pro

REC Screen Recorder PRO is perfect for players who wish to record their gaming sessions to generate article movies, as well as just to show off. A developer will discover our screen recorder software very helpful to make an app movie for their apps. You may be talking facetoface with your friends or family and wish to report it to replay it later? You’ll find tons of others situations where REC Screen Recorder PRO can help you. This is one of the best SCR Pro Alternatives if you cannot use SCR Pro APK.

This app will allow audio recording for up to one hour, which is longer than other similar recording apps. Every control and options are accessible inside our app and you can set the recording sessions. If you want to setup countdown then Countdown timer that is fully customizable.

We hope you enjoyed this article on best SCR Pro Alternatives and best screen recorders for PC and Android smartphones and tablets that allow you to record your Android Screen and Gameplay scenes. If you need any help then comemt below we will help you.

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