SCR Pro 2 APK– The Best Screen Recording Application For Android


With the SCR Pro 2, taking a screenshot of your smartphone or the computer is not a difficult task now. But have you ever heard of getting a video recording of the screen of your computer or smartphone? Many of the smartphone users will immediately search for options on the device whether it is possible or not, while many may laugh out on the possible joke. The clear screen capture is define quality of video!

Many of the technicians need to get this feature to work correctly on their system. Also, it may happen that you need someone to explain about how a particular feature of the device works. If the person is not currently at your location, then in place of spending hours on explaining the working, you can record the screen of the device and then send the same to the person.

But how is it exactly done? Well, to get an answer to this, you need to get introduced to the application SCR screen recorder.

About the Application – SCR Pro 2

The SCR Screen Pro 2 is an Android application for smartphone devices that is featured to capture any area of the screen. You can either take a still screenshot or even a video recording of the screen and whatever you are operating on the screen. The application hosts unique features and tools with the help of which you can record the process that you are operating on the screen along with audio. Also, you can spice it up by adding your comments on the recording.SCR Screen Pro 2

The application SCR Pro 2 is compatible with almost all the devices whether it is rooted or unrooted. Also, you can record the screen of a smartphone as well as tablet. You can choose from different sound sources and resolution, while recording the screen. Thus, it offers you to get high quality recorded videos every time.

Though there may be other screen recorders too, SCR Screen Pro 2 is known to be the only screen recorder that is featured to support Tegra devices. Understanding the features of the application, you will be able to do some operations like screen recording and screenshot capture in a high-quality way. Try for yourself!

Benefits of the Application

The application SCR Screen Pro 2 comes along with some features to make your screenshot and video recording of screen more convenient and interesting.

  • System Audio: While you are recording the activities of the screen, you will be able to record the audio of the screen at a high resolution. Even if you are recording something using the microphone of the smartphone, loss of audio is minimized so that you can record high-quality sound along with the activities on the screen.
  • Face Camera: Along with the recording of the screen, also you can add the expression of your face in the video by using the front camera of  your smartphone.
  • No Ad Interruptions: Experience the add free SCR Pro 2! It comes along with its features and does not get interrupted by advertisements.
  • Setting Of The Application: The application offers the users to set the setting options manually as per convenience and comfort.

Downloading and installing the application is easy and convenient. We had provided best iphone screen recorders into our site. It can be searched in Google Play Store and can be installed directly on the smartphone.

Download SCR Screen Pro 2

How Does The Application Work?

Using the application for recording the screen of the smartphone is quite easy.  In steps to recording android screen you need to push the record button once, and then you can start the activities on the screen that you want to record. After the recording is completed, you just need to press the button once again. The video will get saved in the device or the SD card of the device, depending on what memory option you can select.

Why Should you Use the Application?

There are some benefits of using the application SCR Screen Pro 2. Some of the most important benefits that can be talked about are:

  • The latest version of the application SCR Screen Pro 2 supports Tegra devices. Also, it is compatible with Jelly Bean devices.
  • The application works at a much faster rate on devices such as Nexus 4.
  • The application allows you to add new features to it from time to time so that you can keep the application updated and free from any kind of
  • The convenience of the floating screen of the application allows you to record the screen activities anytime without searching for the application in your phone.


SCR Pro 2 was initially used by technicians for various operational purposes. For the ease of Android users, it is now available for other smartphone users too. The best thing about the application is that it itself get updated from time to time so that it can bring in features for more convenience. The latest updated version SCR Screen Pro 2 offers such latest convenience and features to the users.

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