SCR Pro APK | Screen Recorder Android app Download

Screen recording SCR Pro APK might sound strange to some of you! But for those who have to work with the Tech team to work correctly on the computer. Or have got themselves out of some technical problem. Screen recording comes to their rescue!

Even when you have to help your relatives, friends or some non-technical person in fixing their computer problems. You might send hours explaining them the complete process. But now with the help of screen recorder like SCR. You can make the person see what they have to do. Through SCR Pro apk file you can easily capture the screen to video. Go down to get best scree captures apps.

This is developed on top of the Windows Media Encoder, and the video files, in turn, can be sent to the required person. So let’s know more about this interesting app and get the SCR screen recorder pro apk download on our phones.

What is SCR Screen Recorder?

With the help of SCR Pro apk, you can get the screen recorder for your Android phone. The SCR Screen Recorder is an Android tool. That enables its users to capture any area of your phone screen. Either in the form of a screenshot or the form of a video file. It is very intuitive software and can be used easily. It offers a suite of options and tools to capture the process displayed on the screen along with audio or additional commentary.  This post gives you every little information of SCR Pro whiach is an app that lets you record everything that appears on your Android device’s screen.



Description of SCR Screen Recorder:

  • Through the SCR Pro apk file, your screen recorder can work on both rooted/unlocked/ jailbreak and unrooted devices.
  • It can record screen casts of great quality from your phone and tablets directly.
  • It offers you to choose from different encoder types, various resolution options and several sound sources.
  • The SCR Pro 22.0.0 for Android works on hardware-accelerated video encoding. That results in a high-quality video recording from any Android device.
  • It is the only screen recorder that you will find in the market that supports Tegra devices.
  • The SCR alternatives software uses the unmodified codes 1.2 licensed under LGPL of FFmpeg.
  • It allows you to “Show Touch Indicators” which can be turned off. Whenever you get stuck with the white circles or touch indicators.

Unique Features of SCR Pro App for Android

  • System Audio: The app allows you to directly record the in-game audio and that too without any quality loss that is mostly caused by the output of the microphone recording speakers. But this feature is applicable to a few devices only. Apart from this, it also allows adding commentary through a microphone to the audio recording of the system through “Internal+ Mic” option.
  • Face Cam: now you can share your emotions by adding to your video a front facing camera. By moving the camera overlay, you can prevent the obstruction of the important control due to the SCR screen recorder android app.
  • No Ads: This screen recording app is just like the other free apps that do not entertain any disturbing ads. The app is completely supported by donations.
  • Settings: Through the SCR Pro apk you can either go for the simple preset settings or can even tweak every setting option manually. Whatever may be the case, the SCR Pro app for Android not only provides stability and performance stats but also allows customization.
  • Alpha Features: By joining the SCR Alpha Testing Google+ community you can remain in the loop with the thread and know what is important. Visit the following site for further information:

How to Download the SCR Screen Recorder?

Now if you want to enjoy this excellent and amazing recording app, you need to have to get the SCR Pro apk download on your Android phone.

  • Get the SCR Pro apk download from the following site.
  • Your SCR screen recorder pro apk download is done. And now you just have to install this SCR Pro apk file normally.
  • Voila! The work is done.

The process of SCR Pro apk download is an easy process, and even its installation can compete in no time.

How to Record through SCR Screen Recorder

If you are using an app for the first time, no matter about the type of app, you always need a little guidance about its features and how to use it. So here we would like to tell you about some buttons that would help you record better.

The process after you get the SCR Pro apk download is pretty easy. You just need to push the button once and the process of recording will start. After your work is done, to stop the process you can shut the screen down with the help of device’s button. The recorded file will then be saved in a folder, and you can select the location with the help of setup options.



Advantages of SCR Screen Recorder Android app over Screencast:

If you have SCR screen recorder android app then you have an edge over your friends that use Screencast. Let’s have a look at the benefits that the SCR pro app for android users have:

  • The SCR Pro 22.0.0 for Android supports Tegra devices.
  • Some recorders like AZ screen capture, dosent require rooted device.
  • It also works on devices running on Jelly Bean.
  • If you have Nexus 4 then you can record at 720p@40 fps with minimal usage of CU. As the SCR Pro apk works at a faster rate on such devices.
  • The SCR pro apk is in active development that is you can add new features and fix the bugging issues.
  • There is a floating window of the SCR UI which is displayed on top of the other icons present on the screen. This allows you to record anytime without catching the recorder UI.


You phone might get a little laggy while recording. But this is natural and your phone will get slow down. The hardware of your phone is not meant to record HD videos while playing 3D games. This is like pushing the limits of the hardware. But you can reduce this lag by decreasing the resolution and the frame rate. Lower frame rate and resolution will utilize less power for encoding the video and thus in turn would have more resource for running other apps.

Nowadays screen recorder can be of a lot of help for solving computer related issues or saving your epic game moves to show to your friends. But for that you must have a decent and efficient recorder like SCR Pro apk. So by SCR Pro apk download you can enjoy this amazing app.

Screen Recorder for iPhone: Download Best Screen Recorder for iPhone

iPhone screen recorder are the best option for tutorials and preparing a presentations or demos. helps the user to put across his views in the form of audio and video and can be helpful for educational or corporate purpose. A list of 10 best Screen Recoder is given below to help you choose a convenient screen recorder suitable for iPhone and Mac users. Here we have provided new way to record your iphone screen through iOS recorders.

5 Best Screen Recorder for iPhone

iPhone screen recorder can be a best pastime by recording an educational or funny activity. These below screen recorders are essential to create tutorial, demo or presentations. A famous line says ‘Actions speak louder than words’ thus the power of audio and video might help to learn and educate . Thus, screen recorder help to capture an image or record an important video instantly. Get the best out of these screen recorder for iPhone. If you are using windows then you can use best PC screen recorders.

Top 5 Screen Recorders


This is one of the best screen recording app for the iPhone users. It quickly captures images and provides high quality video recording. Use the capture tool and drag it the required area and record streaming videos. The user can also create a tutorial or demo with self- narration for 5 minutes. The Jing app  is devoid of sound system  as it is not designed to capture the system’s audio.


Created by Shou T.V  to record and capture images. The best part about the screen recording app is that it consumes less processing power. It offers high quality videos and pictures on portable devices. The screen coverage of the app is excellent and flexible for all devices. Preferred by professionals, the app carries excellent features to suit your convenience. The demerits of the app is that when connected with the microphone for audio recording, it creates unwanted noise.


The Vidyo is packed with advanced recording results designed for the professionals. It creates videos at high resolution upto 1080 pixels. The advanced official website also consists of active audio controls for internal voice and audio from microphone at the same time.

4.BB Recorder

The BB Recorder is the best mirroring and streaming app. The app has a clean user interface and streams high quality videos. The screen recorder for iPhone treats its users with advanced features like camera recording, live screen recording and basic screen recording and capturing options. Download the app  to experience these advanced features.

5. Dr. Phone

This screen recording doctor helps in mirroring your iPhone with crystal clear game recording. Acquire the best of this app with customized settings. The user is able to create educational presentation, demo video, game recording for education or business purpose.

iphone Screen Recorder

6. iRec 2.0

This particular app equips its user with excellent resolution videos and images. It is simple to use and provides a stable navigation platform for all its users. Instantly record game events and be quick to install the app. Record, Capture at high quality as per your convenience.

7. Cool Pixel

The Cool pixel is known for its advanced and excellent video editing tools. The drawback of this app is that it does not capture game audio during recording. It consists of brilliant filtering effects like applying annotations to make it look more attractive and interesting.

Best iPhone Screen Recorder on Mac

Mirroring your iPhone screen recorder with the Mac is very important. It is useful to capture images or game recording or a screen shot of a Google map. These Screen Recorders are useful and help to make work effortless screen recordings. You can also download Icecream screen recorder  which is also available for mac.These are lightweight screen recording apps that acts like mirror between your iPhone and Mac.

1. Capto

It offers intuitive features like easy user interface, screen movement recording and the best editing features. The paid screen recorder acquires a decent file manager that manges all your recordings and pictures. Feel free to share videos with your friends with easy sharing options.


The paid screen recording app is designed exclusively for easy recording. Screenflow is capable to capture signals from video camera, microphones, computer’s audio as well as multi channel audio devices at the same time.. The advanced editing tools allow adding annotations, animations etc. Share your work among leaners to educate and spread knowledge  to the many. It is little bit similar as adv screen recorder. To download adv screen recorder visit our blog.

3. Quick Time Player

This is a sophisticated screen recording tool which has an inbuilt media player. Regarded as most powerful app, it support advanced technological tools. Designed for professionals, the app inherits flexible file formats. Download the fast processing SCR pro 2 free  for a professional experience for free.

Best Screen Recoders


Brainstorm hard before downloading the iPhone screen recorder of the above best screen recorder for  iPhone as well as Mac users. These paid as well as free apps have excellent features that may give you hard time to choose. Go for an easy and clean user interface and advanced editing tools for better utilization of the app.

ADV Screen Recorder: Download And Record your Android Screen

Download ADV Screen Recorder

The ADV Screen Recorder enables its user to record your Android screen for free! The unique screen recorder works on Android 5.0 and more.  Create game plays, Educational tutorials and funny videos at high quality along with excellent features.How to record android screen? What makes it special? It doesn’t require any root access or an Xposed framework to work. Simply download the screen recording app and get started! Through below screen recorders you can mirror your device to your computer or projector wireless.

ADV Free Screen Recorder: Description

ADV screen Recorders provides a platform to spread knowledge and even laughter. Your friend is miles and wants to learn a gameplay from you; this is now possible with the ADV free Screen Recorder. You can send a video with detailed information about the game play. Share your funny videos or even upload a dance tutorial on YouTube with these amazing screen recorder alternatives.

ADV Screen Recorder free

The ADV recorder helps the user to record anything on your smart phone or tablet’s screen. Enjoy interruption free screen recording without the menu or widget. Capture the whole screen or just a part of it.  Download the app for free and experience the fun!

Features of the ADV Screen Recorder

The features of the ADV screen Recorder are packed with various advanced features that will inspire the user to download the amazing screen recorder. It benefits the user with screen recording as well as basic features like pause, play, forward, editing options and also sharing options. It’s time to know the features in detail:

  • It is equipped with 2 engines, i.e. Advanced and default for recording.
  • Enables user to apply annotations and ways to enhance your videos for better understanding.
  • Allows setting banner, text with full customization to gather more eyeballs.
  • Other than this, it has a function of adding watermarks, face camera, drawing on the screen and much more.
  • Use the front and back camera also while recording.
  • Facilitates with video editor, that inherits the trimming features that allows to record only a relevant part.
  • The prepared video gets directly saved to the phone’s memory.
  • The MB’s of your file size is expected to increase due to the high resolution of videos offered.
  • Consumes less internet data along with excellent result provided by the ADV free screen recorder app.
  • It doesn’t require a root excess and is absolutely free!

ADV is regarded as the best screen recorder app on Android. It freely works on all smartphones and chipsets. The videos are displayed at high resolution for a better video experience. The recorded videos never buffer, which is the best part of this app.

It comprises of video editing tools that provides to write or draw in the midst of a video preparation, this gives you convenience while creating a tutorial. If you are wondering screen recorder for windows PC than check out our post and you can download direct from there.

ADV Screen Recorder free

How to Use the ADV Screen Recorder?

Using the App is very simple. The clean user interface and mesmerizing features for screen recording makes it work instantly with better output. Use both the front and back camera for the best experience. Edit your videos with interesting annotations and drawing and show your creative skills.

  • After you download the ADV Screen Recorder, search for a camera icon placed on the top right of your phone’s screen.
  • With this, you have enabled video recording. Create your desired video.
  • After it gets completed, use text or draw on the screen. The basic video editor might help to enhance the same.
  • Flaunt your video on the social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and collect more and more likes.

Instantly Download the ADV Screen Recorder

Follow the steps to download the intuitive featured screen recorder. ADV is free Screen Recorder is great to use and are gathered great comments praising about the functions provided by the app. The Google Play Store is the ultimate store for downloading all and any apps, games, books, movies everything in just one place.

  1. Visit the google play store to get into the ADV Recorder.
  2. Tap on ‘Install’ and accept all agreements to download the ADV Screen Recorder APK.
  3. Why waste time? Start creating videos to share and acknowledge your peers.

ADV Screen Recorder free apk


Update the latest version of ADV Screen Recorder 2.5.7 and download it before your friends start uploading videos on YouTube or Whatsapp! Get rid of the jealousy and don’t get too late to spread your creativity. From our site iPhone user can check list of iPhone screen recorders and can download them.The screen recording app is just different with enduring features that draws a line between the ADV free Screen Recorder and other screen recorders available.