How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder

If you’re using an app for that first time, regardless of about the form of application, you usually want a little guide about its features and the way to use it. So here we are going to share How to Record Screen using Record Android Screen. You merely must press the option once as well as the process of recording will begin. After your projects are done, to prevent the process you can shut the screen along using the aid of device’s button.

However, it gets to control the output so that you can’t hear anything while recording. With SCR pro apk, the sound still comes out of the speakers, but it’s embedded inside the movie too. There are plenty of controls in SCR. The free version of SCR allows you to report 3 minutes of video using a watermark. The paid app is unlimited, and it has no watermark.

SCR gets support for experimental recording of internal music using the video. Of course, this requires root access, and it is still somewhat buggy. I had a few mistakes testing about the 2013 Nexus 7, but a bit fiddling got everything working. To capture gaming videos we had provided setup file for the gaming screen recorder.There are several other programs that can record audio, but a lot of them are dragging it from the microphone. Koush’s Reflection software can file internal sound.

The recorded file will be stored in a folder. In this article, we are going to share How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder.The method when you have the SCR Pro APK download is very easy. Check out this post to download other scr pro alternatives. Google added native screen recording functionality in Android 4.4, but it only works over ADB, and there’s no audio output. Third party developers have been working on ways to increase the usability of the local performance.

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder

If you are using SCR Screen Recorder app for the first time, no matter about the type of app, you always need a little guidance about its features and how to use it. Recently Google has removed SCR Pro Apk file so you cannot download it from Google Play Store. We will provide the direct download link for SCR Pro Apk.

So here we would like to tell you about some features that will help you to record Android Screen. It is very easy to download SCR for PC and record video using SCR Pro Apk. You just need to push the button once, and the process of recording will start. After your work is done, to stop the process you can shut the screen down. The recorded file will then be saved in a folder automatically.

Advantages of SCR Screen Recorder Android app over Screencast:

  • Supports Tegra devices and It also works on devices running on Jelly Bean.
  • The SCR Pro apk is in active development that is you can add new features
  • There is a floating window, and it allows you to record anytime without catching the recorder UI.
  • Record great quality screencasts directly from your phone
  • No need to root device
  • SCR Screen Recorder collects anonymous usage statistics

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk

With SCR Free you can record maximum 3 minutes screencasts. Here we will tell you how to record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk.

  • Get the SCR Pro apk download from the following site [Xda – click here].
  • Your SCR screen recorder pro apk download is done and then install it.
  • Open the app and click on record.
  • You can also set a countdown timer to record automatically.

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  1. After recording the video .. the video will say cant play this file …. so what should i do ?

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