ADV Screen Recorder: Download And Record your Android Screen

Download ADV Screen Recorder

The ADV Screen Recorder enables its user to record your Android screen for free! The unique screen recorder works on Android 5.0 and more.  Create game plays, Educational tutorials and funny videos at high quality along with excellent features.How to record android screen? What makes it special? It doesn’t require any root access or an Xposed framework to work. Simply download the screen recording app and get started! Through below screen recorders you can mirror your device to your computer or projector wireless.

ADV Free Screen Recorder: Description

ADV screen Recorders provides a platform to spread knowledge and even laughter. Your friend is miles and wants to learn a gameplay from you; this is now possible with the ADV free Screen Recorder. You can send a video with detailed information about the game play. Share your funny videos or even upload a dance tutorial on YouTube with these amazing screen recorder alternatives.

ADV Screen Recorder free

The ADV recorder helps the user to record anything on your smart phone or tablet’s screen. Enjoy interruption free screen recording without the menu or widget. Capture the whole screen or just a part of it.  Download the app for free and experience the fun!

Features of the ADV Screen Recorder

The features of the ADV screen Recorder are packed with various advanced features that will inspire the user to download the amazing screen recorder. It benefits the user with screen recording as well as basic features like pause, play, forward, editing options and also sharing options. It’s time to know the features in detail:

  • It is equipped with 2 engines, i.e. Advanced and default for recording.
  • Enables user to apply annotations and ways to enhance your videos for better understanding.
  • Allows setting banner, text with full customization to gather more eyeballs.
  • Other than this, it has a function of adding watermarks, face camera, drawing on the screen and much more.
  • Use the front and back camera also while recording.
  • Facilitates with video editor, that inherits the trimming features that allows to record only a relevant part.
  • The prepared video gets directly saved to the phone’s memory.
  • The MB’s of your file size is expected to increase due to the high resolution of videos offered.
  • Consumes less internet data along with excellent result provided by the ADV free screen recorder app.
  • It doesn’t require a root excess and is absolutely free!

ADV is regarded as the best screen recorder app on Android. It freely works on all smartphones and chipsets. The videos are displayed at high resolution for a better video experience. The recorded videos never buffer, which is the best part of this app.

It comprises of video editing tools that provides to write or draw in the midst of a video preparation, this gives you convenience while creating a tutorial. If you are wondering screen recorder for windows PC than check out our post and you can download direct from there.

ADV Screen Recorder free

How to Use the ADV Screen Recorder?

Using the App is very simple. The clean user interface and mesmerizing features for screen recording makes it work instantly with better output. Use both the front and back camera for the best experience. Edit your videos with interesting annotations and drawing and show your creative skills.

  • After you download the ADV Screen Recorder, search for a camera icon placed on the top right of your phone’s screen.
  • With this, you have enabled video recording. Create your desired video.
  • After it gets completed, use text or draw on the screen. The basic video editor might help to enhance the same.
  • Flaunt your video on the social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and collect more and more likes.

Instantly Download the ADV Screen Recorder

Follow the steps to download the intuitive featured screen recorder. ADV is free Screen Recorder is great to use and are gathered great comments praising about the functions provided by the app. The Google Play Store is the ultimate store for downloading all and any apps, games, books, movies everything in just one place.

  1. Visit the google play store to get into the ADV Recorder.
  2. Tap on ‘Install’ and accept all agreements to download the ADV Screen Recorder APK.
  3. Why waste time? Start creating videos to share and acknowledge your peers.

ADV Screen Recorder free apk


Update the latest version of ADV Screen Recorder 2.5.7 and download it before your friends start uploading videos on YouTube or Whatsapp! Get rid of the jealousy and don’t get too late to spread your creativity. From our site iPhone user can check list of iPhone screen recorders and can download them.The screen recording app is just different with enduring features that draws a line between the ADV free Screen Recorder and other screen recorders available.


Screen Recorders with Audio: Handy Screen Recording Apps for Windows

Screen Recorders with audio are beneficial to record or mirror your computer’s screen along with the audio. These handy screen captivating apps are handy and useful to create educational videos, gameplay, educational videos and more. In scrpro, we have listed many screen recorders.

You can use with prior thing.There are some of the excellent Screen Recorders with audio apps that are easy to use and also provides to take screenshots, recording a memorable video using intuitive features like live capture enhancements, editing options and likewise.

Download Screen Recorders with Audio

5 Best Screen Recorders with Audio

These third party tools are helpful to create how to do video demonstrating working of a program, product demo video, record gameplay to post on social sites like YouTube, Facebook to share with your peers and pals. Move down to know about some of the popular screen recording apps.

1) Ice cream Screen Recorder

It can record the whole screen on your PC or some parts of it. The Screen Recorders with audio allows shooting webinars, gameplay, record video calls and conferences and more. Comprising of a clean and simple user interface and intuitive features, the app is efficient to record videos in MP4, MKV, WebM format, annotations, audio recording with video, hotkeys configuration, screenshots and more. View all your activities in the ‘Project History’ option. To download Ice-cream screen recorder check out this post and get more detail about it.

Along with its advantages, it has some withdraws that allows limited functions and editing option with its free version. Facilitates with a 10-minute cap of screen recording time. This screen recording app is beneficial to use only for commercial purpose except for the paid version.

2) Ezvid Video Maker

This one is essential desktop screen recording software that offers to record your PC screen in order to create high resolution movies with just a click. The video maker scoops with annotations and recording the whole and some regions of your PC. Add title, keywords, description, meta information and many such to make it look attractive.

It auto saves all your videos while recording, creates slideshows along with capturing, annotations and also uploads all your recorded videos online on YouTube. It doesn’t end here; the screen recording app is equipped with webcam recording.

The withdraws include recording videos timing to 45 minutes, uploading videos on YouTube only, devoid of customizable settings involved in screen recording.  For PC purpose only choose best PC screen recorder.

Free Screen Recorders with Audio

3) Atomi ActivePresenter

Download Screen Recorders with audio powerful software that enables to capture full or some parts of your PC screen at high quality. The free edition doesn’t consist of several intuitive features as offered by their competitors. Atomi ActivPresenter is a perfect minimalistic screen recorder that allows creating high resolution screencasts.

It is devoid of watermarks and recording timed limits for both free and paid versions. Give it an attractive look using styles, color effects and shadows; add transition effects like annotations, photo slides and more to your videos. Indulge in a huge range of post-recording photo editing options including cropping videos, video overlays, cutting, blurring image and likewise. Create and post videos in MP4, FLV, WMV, WebM format.

The Screen Recorders with audio cannot be uploaded directly online. Opt for the premium version to adhere intuitive features that lacks in the free version.

4) Screenpresso

Screenpresso is a one of a kind video making app that is helpful to record or screenshot your screen to create high resolution videos. It is considered as one of the premium screen recorders, but only with the premium version. With its super flexible management features it enables to capture the entire screen or just specific regions required by you.

It provides a spectrum of features including recording audio and webcam, supports MP4 format, changing format to WMV, OGG,WebM, instant access to earlier screenshots. The free version offers capturing and recording promotional videos, gameplay, educational videos and more. Loaded with features like labeling, editing, sorting into custom folders along with managinf workspace and libraries. Loaded with sharing options to platforms like Email, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, Drop box and such.

Demerits include no support for android, records videos for 3 minutes, minimal editing features, unable to remove watermarks from videos, images, documents in its free version.

Screen Recorders with Audio Free

5) Bandicam Screen Recorder

The Screen Recorders with audio and video maker is a simple screen recorder that allows to easily record gameplay, streaming videos, and likewise. Several modes are provided like gaming mode, screen recording mode, device recording mode to get you’re an amazing screen recording experience. The gaming screen recorder is also popular to record video screen.

It supports videos in AVI, MP4 format. The screen recording app offers real time voice recording to prepare screencasts, live drawing or annotations, creating watermarks, overlaying webcam, animation effects and optimizing recording process using hardware acceleration.

The disadvantage attached to it that it is impossible to escape for the watermark in the free version and a 10 minute recording cap.


The above 5 screen recorders with audio offers various features that provides high quality picture quality and many such innovative features. These screen recorders not only works to captivate your PC screen, but will also provide features that offers better effectiveness to your videos. Try some of these screen recorders with audio and start recording your desired gameplay, educational or promotional videos and more.

Icecream Screen Recorder: Download And Record the Screen for PC

The Icecream Screen Recorder is a software used exclusively  for screen capture and screen recording for your PC and Mac. Through our website you can download easily Ice Screen recorder with better understand of screen recorder. The user can easily click the image of a portion of a page or the entire window. The Ice cream  Recorder software comes with an extraordinary features like pausing the screen record, screenshots that directly get saved into clipboard.

The standard screen capture feature allows the user to record online videos. The user is free to record streaming videos from Vimeo Dailymotion and YouTube in various formats with just a click. The Ice cream Recorder performs both the functions efficiently and also switches between two modes easily. Get premium videos, images for computer users with Icecream Screen Recorder.

Ice cream Screen Recorder free

Icecream Screen Recorder Download

The Ice  cream recorder is designed by Ice cream apps in 4.87, 1.3 and 1.01 versions, absolutely for free! The Ice cream screen and scr pro screen recorder Software can be installed on Windows XP/7/8/9. The 32-bit version is virus free and enables brilliant features. It includes recording the screen to create video tutorials, record, capture webcam, record games or streaming videos, schedule screen recording, take screenshots of a selected area.

Icecream Screen Recorder consists of effortless screen capturing and screenshots taking. Creates screenshots and screencasts, record full screen or selected areas, supports scheduled screen recording, and annotions like circle,lines, boxes etc.
Several recording modes include Custom area, fullscreen, last area, area auto detection and around mouse.

Additional Features of Ice Cream Screen Recorder

The Icecream Screen Recorder is loaded with excellent features useful to capture image to highlight the required area. The recorded or captured image or video gets saved into your hard drive. The user is capable to store the image or video in multiple file formats.

The Icecream Screen Recorder can be adjusted according to the device screen. The quality of the recorded video can be adjusted to MP4, MKV and WebM format. The on screen activity can be made exciting with basic drawing tools like brush, rectangle, oval, arrow, step tool for the user to comment on screenshot or video.

Ice cream Screen Recorder Download

New Features in Ice cream Screen Recorder

The Icecream Screen Recorder is equipped with advanced features that allows the user for an all together different and exquisite experience to capture, share and explore the app.

  • The saved screenshots in the clipboard can be shared instantly through Email or Skpe.
  • Record videos with or without system sounds.
  • During a screen record, the user can hide the desktop icons and even disable the screen saver during a video capture
  • Acquire default hotkeys or create hotkeys for easy usability.

Reasons to Download Ice cream Screen Recorder

We bring to you the advantages to download the app. The first and best reason to convince users is that the Ice cream Screen Downloader is absolutely free. Move down to know more. If you are wondering to capture video games screen with high qualities than prefer free gaming screen recorder. That is best to capture videos.

  • Record videos or capture screenshots in HD quality.
  • There is no root access for users with Android 5.0 or above.
  • Facilitates with features like screen video games, preparing tutorials, video calling etc.
  • Share the captured image or video to social media sites via e-mail and messenger.
  • Add watermarks
  • Enables up to 1 hour HD screen recording.

Steps to Download the Ice cream Screen Recorder for PC

Download the awesome SCR pro 2 free and Ice cream recorder and start capturing or recording now! Share funny or important screen shots and videos to your friends and make the most of it. If you are wondering screen recorder for android then visit this blog to download adv screen recorder. Which allow users to record android screen for free. Lets come for PC version, Follow the simple steps given below and indulge into unique features, clean interface and high quality recorded videos and  careen shots.

  • Click on the link to visit the Google Play Store and find yourself in a different space filled with exclusive apps and games.
  • Search for Icecream Screen Recorder to download Ice cream Screen Recorder on your PC or Mac.
  • Quickly download the Icecream Screen Recorder and experience the brilliant software for free.

Ice cream Screen Recorder Download

Steps to Download the Ice cream Screen Recorder for Mac

For the Mac users, the Ice cream Screen Recorder is available for free on iTunes. Download the app to get HD quality videos and pictures. Download the screen capturing and screen recording software to enable an easy and authentic software.

  • Download the app for free on iTunes for Mac.
  • Download the Icecream Screen Recorder on your Mac
  • Get started and utilize the excellent features that might blow off your head.


Download the Icecream Screen Recorder Downloader for free at the Google app store. The software is tested virus free and offers best screenshots and videos at user friendly interface. The intuitive software offers its users a package full of efficient tools and variable options for screen capturing and video recording. Get the app to explore more about the Icecream Screen Recorder.