ADV Screen Recorder: Download And Record your Android Screen

Download ADV Screen Recorder

The ADV Screen Recorder enables its user to record your Android screen for free! The unique screen recorder works on Android 5.0 and more.  Create game plays, Educational tutorials and funny videos at high quality along with excellent features.How to record android screen? What makes it special? It doesn’t require any root access or an Xposed framework to work. Simply download the screen recording app and get started! Through below screen recorders you can mirror your device to your computer or projector wireless.

ADV Free Screen Recorder: Description

ADV screen Recorders provides a platform to spread knowledge and even laughter. Your friend is miles and wants to learn a gameplay from you; this is now possible with the ADV free Screen Recorder. You can send a video with detailed information about the game play. Share your funny videos or even upload a dance tutorial on YouTube with these amazing screen recorder alternatives.

ADV Screen Recorder free

The ADV recorder helps the user to record anything on your smart phone or tablet’s screen. Enjoy interruption free screen recording without the menu or widget. Capture the whole screen or just a part of it.  Download the app for free and experience the fun!

Features of the ADV Screen Recorder

The features of the ADV screen Recorder are packed with various advanced features that will inspire the user to download the amazing screen recorder. It benefits the user with screen recording as well as basic features like pause, play, forward, editing options and also sharing options. It’s time to know the features in detail:

  • It is equipped with 2 engines, i.e. Advanced and default for recording.
  • Enables user to apply annotations and ways to enhance your videos for better understanding.
  • Allows setting banner, text with full customization to gather more eyeballs.
  • Other than this, it has a function of adding watermarks, face camera, drawing on the screen and much more.
  • Use the front and back camera also while recording.
  • Facilitates with video editor, that inherits the trimming features that allows to record only a relevant part.
  • The prepared video gets directly saved to the phone’s memory.
  • The MB’s of your file size is expected to increase due to the high resolution of videos offered.
  • Consumes less internet data along with excellent result provided by the ADV free screen recorder app.
  • It doesn’t require a root excess and is absolutely free!

ADV is regarded as the best screen recorder app on Android. It freely works on all smartphones and chipsets. The videos are displayed at high resolution for a better video experience. The recorded videos never buffer, which is the best part of this app.

It comprises of video editing tools that provides to write or draw in the midst of a video preparation, this gives you convenience while creating a tutorial. If you are wondering screen recorder for windows PC than check out our post and you can download direct from there.

ADV Screen Recorder free

How to Use the ADV Screen Recorder?

Using the App is very simple. The clean user interface and mesmerizing features for screen recording makes it work instantly with better output. Use both the front and back camera for the best experience. Edit your videos with interesting annotations and drawing and show your creative skills.

  • After you download the ADV Screen Recorder, search for a camera icon placed on the top right of your phone’s screen.
  • With this, you have enabled video recording. Create your desired video.
  • After it gets completed, use text or draw on the screen. The basic video editor might help to enhance the same.
  • Flaunt your video on the social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and collect more and more likes.

Instantly Download the ADV Screen Recorder

Follow the steps to download the intuitive featured screen recorder. ADV is free Screen Recorder is great to use and are gathered great comments praising about the functions provided by the app. The Google Play Store is the ultimate store for downloading all and any apps, games, books, movies everything in just one place.

  1. Visit the google play store to get into the ADV Recorder.
  2. Tap on ‘Install’ and accept all agreements to download the ADV Screen Recorder APK.
  3. Why waste time? Start creating videos to share and acknowledge your peers.

ADV Screen Recorder free apk


Update the latest version of ADV Screen Recorder 2.5.7 and download it before your friends start uploading videos on YouTube or Whatsapp! Get rid of the jealousy and don’t get too late to spread your creativity. From our site iPhone user can check list of iPhone screen recorders and can download them.The screen recording app is just different with enduring features that draws a line between the ADV free Screen Recorder and other screen recorders available.


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