AZ Screen Recorder: How to Download Screen Recorder App for Android

AZ Screen Recorder Overview

The AZ Screen Recorder is a no root screen recorder app that is designed for Android Lollipop. The app allows the user to record the screen and audio. The app is free to use and offers no root access, no time limit or watermark. Just get indulged into the seamlessly Android recording with this magnificent app. The screen recorder is equipped with smooth playback, adjustable resolution, excellent bit-rate and much more. Quality screen capture give the brief idea about our concept!

The smart screen recorder is required for Android 5.0(lollipop) and is an important app that allows the user to take record your screen whenever require.To download AZ screen recorder go down into scrpro post. It has a clean user interface and is equipped with 4 main icons: One is to start the recording, adjusting the app settings, accessing folders with recorded videos and the exit button to come out of the app.

AZ Screen Recorder for android

AZ Screen Recorder: Reasons to Choose the Screen Recorder

The screen recording app allows the user to prepare screencast videos. The screen capturing app is user-friendly with an enchanting user experience. Record all the activities taking place on your Android screen.  The best part of this app is that it doesn’t require any root access. Move down to know the features offered by the AZ Screen Recorder. This is also available Apple products. To download iphone screen recorder check out this blog.

Key Features of AZ Screen Recorder

  • Like SCR Pro 2, the screen recording app facilitates to record HD and full HD videos.
  • The only screencast app in the market that allows basic functions like pause, resume as you continue recording your screen.
  • You can record audio from mic which automatically gets added to the screencast videos.
  • The user is capable to create tutorial, videos, gameplay and also record video chat.
  • It consists of a floating window at the top that offers to snap at the exact moment on any screen.
  • Equipped with screen touch feature that allows the user to guide throughout the video or gameplay.
  • Other features include setting video resolution, screen orientation, bit-rate, customized timer, saving directory selection, creates, view, share, delete videos and more.

Significant Features Offered by AZ Screen Recorder

  • The free screen recording app features a ‘Magic button’ which operates all your recordings. While controlling the app there is nothing being shown in the app, this helps the view to see the video without any interruptions. This is useful to create gameplay, promotional or demo videos etc.
  • The app allows the user to capture the faces and emotions of your viewers using the small overlay window available. This window can be pulled to any position on the screen, size as well as opacity.
  • The countdown timer loaded in the app, counts the time duration of your video.
  • To make your video more appealing and interesting, the user can draw a symbol or mark to make the video more approachable and easy to understand.
  • Trim off the unnecessary things to make the video just to the point.
  • Get various language options like Portugues, Arabic, Spanish, German, Korean, French and more.

AZ Screen Recorder download

AZ Screen Recorder Specifications

  • Version: V4.7.6
  • Size: 7.54 MB
  • Downloading Time: 5 seconds
  • Supports Android Version: 5.0 and above
  • License: Free
  • Language: 30
  • Developed by: Hecorat
  • Safety: 100% safe
  • Last Updated: April 14, 2017

Steps to Download AZ Screen Recorder

  • Browse for AZ Screen Recorder in the inbuilt Play Store app available on your Android device. Or
  • Take a quick glimpse of the features and hit the Install button.
  • The downloading process may take few seconds to a few minutes; this depends on your Internet connection.
  • Get ready to use the amazing featured Android app for free!

How to use the AZ Screen Recorder App?

As soon as you see the AZ Screen Recording icon on your Android phone, press on it to open the screencast app. The moment it opens search for the option applicable for recording the screen. A new window will open, with this you can record the screen. Feel free to share or educate the needy or even impress the world with a unique talent possessed by you. Share your desired videos on YouTube and earn likes.

AZ Screen Recorder free

AZ Screen Recorder for Android

This app is the top rated Android app that is popularly used. The app is the most outstanding app that has earned a rating of 4.5/3 by more than 3 lakh happy users.  About 10,000,000-50,000,000 user have downloaded the app, the numbers speak for itself. Right! Why not move along with the world. Download the screen capturing app that have inspired many.

The Android app is quite popular in the U.S and Brazil. Why wait! Download the free app or get the paid version instantly at the Google Play Store. The paid version will allow the user to new features. There are many professional users that are using the app to make their own online and offline video for their daily bread.

Merits and Demerits:

Merits Demerits
User friendly, equipped with best quality playback Countdown timer absent
No device rooting needed
Excellent recording feature
View video time limit


Like Like free ADV screen recorder recorder, the AZ Screen Recorder needs no rooting and works with ease and less effort. Get the free app for free and also get upgraded with many such advanced features with the paid version. Follow the simple downloading process and acquire the app to create elegant videos to acknowledge your viewers.

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder

If you’re using an app for that first time, regardless of about the form of application, you usually want a little guide about its features and the way to use it. So here we are going to share How to Record Screen using Record Android Screen. You merely must press the option once as well as the process of recording will begin. After your projects are done, to prevent the process you can shut the screen along using the aid of device’s button.

However, it gets to control the output so that you can’t hear anything while recording. With SCR pro apk, the sound still comes out of the speakers, but it’s embedded inside the movie too. There are plenty of controls in SCR. The free version of SCR allows you to report 3 minutes of video using a watermark. The paid app is unlimited, and it has no watermark.

SCR gets support for experimental recording of internal music using the video. Of course, this requires root access, and it is still somewhat buggy. I had a few mistakes testing about the 2013 Nexus 7, but a bit fiddling got everything working. To capture gaming videos we had provided setup file for the gaming screen recorder.There are several other programs that can record audio, but a lot of them are dragging it from the microphone. Koush’s Reflection software can file internal sound.

The recorded file will be stored in a folder. In this article, we are going to share How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder.The method when you have the SCR Pro APK download is very easy. Check out this post to download other scr pro alternatives. Google added native screen recording functionality in Android 4.4, but it only works over ADB, and there’s no audio output. Third party developers have been working on ways to increase the usability of the local performance.

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder

If you are using SCR Screen Recorder app for the first time, no matter about the type of app, you always need a little guidance about its features and how to use it. Recently Google has removed SCR Pro Apk file so you cannot download it from Google Play Store. We will provide the direct download link for SCR Pro Apk.

So here we would like to tell you about some features that will help you to record Android Screen. It is very easy to download SCR for PC and record video using SCR Pro Apk. You just need to push the button once, and the process of recording will start. After your work is done, to stop the process you can shut the screen down. The recorded file will then be saved in a folder automatically.

Advantages of SCR Screen Recorder Android app over Screencast:

  • Supports Tegra devices and It also works on devices running on Jelly Bean.
  • The SCR Pro apk is in active development that is you can add new features
  • There is a floating window, and it allows you to record anytime without catching the recorder UI.
  • Record great quality screencasts directly from your phone
  • No need to root device
  • SCR Screen Recorder collects anonymous usage statistics

How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk

With SCR Free you can record maximum 3 minutes screencasts. Here we will tell you how to record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk.

  • Get the SCR Pro apk download from the following site [Xda – click here].
  • Your SCR screen recorder pro apk download is done and then install it.
  • Open the app and click on record.
  • You can also set a countdown timer to record automatically.

Share this article if you enjoyed this article on How to Record Android Screen using SCR Pro Apk Screen Recorder and download such screen recorder like ice-cream recorder, SCR Pro 2,Some SCR alternatives  etc. Comment below if you need any help.

SCR Pro 2 APK– The Best Screen Recording Application For Android


With the SCR Pro 2, taking a screenshot of your smartphone or the computer is not a difficult task now. But have you ever heard of getting a video recording of the screen of your computer or smartphone? Many of the smartphone users will immediately search for options on the device whether it is possible or not, while many may laugh out on the possible joke. The clear screen capture is define quality of video!

Many of the technicians need to get this feature to work correctly on their system. Also, it may happen that you need someone to explain about how a particular feature of the device works. If the person is not currently at your location, then in place of spending hours on explaining the working, you can record the screen of the device and then send the same to the person.

But how is it exactly done? Well, to get an answer to this, you need to get introduced to the application SCR screen recorder.

About the Application – SCR Pro 2

The SCR Screen Pro 2 is an Android application for smartphone devices that is featured to capture any area of the screen. You can either take a still screenshot or even a video recording of the screen and whatever you are operating on the screen. The application hosts unique features and tools with the help of which you can record the process that you are operating on the screen along with audio. Also, you can spice it up by adding your comments on the recording.SCR Screen Pro 2

The application SCR Pro 2 is compatible with almost all the devices whether it is rooted or unrooted. Also, you can record the screen of a smartphone as well as tablet. You can choose from different sound sources and resolution, while recording the screen. Thus, it offers you to get high quality recorded videos every time.

Though there may be other screen recorders too, SCR Screen Pro 2 is known to be the only screen recorder that is featured to support Tegra devices. Understanding the features of the application, you will be able to do some operations like screen recording and screenshot capture in a high-quality way. Try for yourself!

Benefits of the Application

The application SCR Screen Pro 2 comes along with some features to make your screenshot and video recording of screen more convenient and interesting.

  • System Audio: While you are recording the activities of the screen, you will be able to record the audio of the screen at a high resolution. Even if you are recording something using the microphone of the smartphone, loss of audio is minimized so that you can record high-quality sound along with the activities on the screen.
  • Face Camera: Along with the recording of the screen, also you can add the expression of your face in the video by using the front camera of  your smartphone.
  • No Ad Interruptions: Experience the add free SCR Pro 2! It comes along with its features and does not get interrupted by advertisements.
  • Setting Of The Application: The application offers the users to set the setting options manually as per convenience and comfort.

Downloading and installing the application is easy and convenient. We had provided best iphone screen recorders into our site. It can be searched in Google Play Store and can be installed directly on the smartphone.

Download SCR Screen Pro 2

How Does The Application Work?

Using the application for recording the screen of the smartphone is quite easy.  In steps to recording android screen you need to push the record button once, and then you can start the activities on the screen that you want to record. After the recording is completed, you just need to press the button once again. The video will get saved in the device or the SD card of the device, depending on what memory option you can select.

Why Should you Use the Application?

There are some benefits of using the application SCR Screen Pro 2. Some of the most important benefits that can be talked about are:

  • The latest version of the application SCR Screen Pro 2 supports Tegra devices. Also, it is compatible with Jelly Bean devices.
  • The application works at a much faster rate on devices such as Nexus 4.
  • The application allows you to add new features to it from time to time so that you can keep the application updated and free from any kind of
  • The convenience of the floating screen of the application allows you to record the screen activities anytime without searching for the application in your phone.


SCR Pro 2 was initially used by technicians for various operational purposes. For the ease of Android users, it is now available for other smartphone users too. The best thing about the application is that it itself get updated from time to time so that it can bring in features for more convenience. The latest updated version SCR Screen Pro 2 offers such latest convenience and features to the users.